Hamlet 2014

* * * *
‘If you wish to see a Shakespeare play at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe, make it this one’

– FreshAir Fringe –

Gin and Tonic Productions’ adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic text toured the UK in the summer of 2014 visiting Brighton and Edinburgh Fringe, earning outstanding reviews with multiple sell out performances.

Unable to accept his father’s death, a young man is suffocated by the close monitoring of friends and family. Confined in a place where everything is ambiguous, witness his mental and physical worlds spiral out of his control, ultimately colliding in Hamlet’s devastating conclusion. This bold interpretation of a classic text is injected with cutting contemporary emotion in a performance that promises to be intense, raw and electric.

* * * *
‘Gin and Tonic Productions create an intense and accessible abridged version of Hamlet that leaves a craving for more’

– All Edinburgh Theatre –

* * * *
‘Breathlessly energises Shakespeare’s masterpiece’

– Broadway Baby –


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