Rent 2015

‘a vibrant and committed production’

– All Edinburgh Theatre –

There’s a kind of plague that popularity brings that all too quickly leads a musical into being stereotyped or slotted neatly under headings of “that musical about dancing cowboys” or “that musical about singing nuns” or “that musical about AIDS”. Popularity lures people into trying to follow in it’s footsteps, trying to recreate what was done or what was well-received before, and in doing this so often the originality or meaning of a story is benched.

A constant goal of our RENT was that we should never be a copy of what has been done before. That doesn’t mean we deliberately strayed from or stuck to past productions: our goal, as was Larson’s, was to produce a show as gritty and immediate as the issues that he poured into RENT. This rock-musical propelled into the public eye subjects that could never be spoken of, let alone sung about, with a deliberate aim to shine light on them, not to hide them in the wings. Homosexuality, transvestites, drug addiction, AIDS, prostitution, poverty, and the fight to live the bohemian life without “selling out” to the soullessness of commercialism: these issues make RENT real and true and important. They are what our show is built on, making it above all a musical about honest, imperfect life.

‘a show that is “as gritty and immediate” as the issues dealt with by its characters’

– The Public Reviews –


Director: Elske Waite

Musical Director: Ashton Brower

Choreographer: Eleanor Grose

Set Designer: Andrew McDivitt

Lighting Designer: Tom Turner

Sound Designer: Neil Watson

Production Manager: Ruth Luckins


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