The Folk Effect 2020

Most, if not all, of the plans that my company Ondervinden and I had for live performance in 2020 were cancelled in the wake of the COVID pandemic. As a result, we chose to take this time to focus on celebrating music making and music sharing, and created a week-long live-streamed music project called ‘The Folk Effect’, collaborating with 5 bands including BBC Folk Awards winner Hazel Askew and Scottish Awards for New Music nominee Twelfth Day.

We were delighted to receive full Arts Council funding for this project. In a year of cut backs and redundancies we never expected that the company would receive our first substantial funding, and felt enormously grateful that we did.

The Folk Effect was a free online music event programmed for November 2020. In 1 week of high-speed music-writing, 5 bands from across the UK were given 48 hours each to write a new song directly inspired by the one created & live streamed the day before.

As part of the project, artist Jo Elizabeth May was commissioned to create portraits of each of the artists involved. Footage of her creation process was edited into a final omnibus of the videos of all the new songs.

The Folk Effect showed that musicians can connect, inspire & create without being physically together, and was created for all people who miss the experience of making & enjoying music. Reaching over 45,000 viewers throughout the week, it was an exhilarating and emotional experience. After so many cancelled plans, to create something that resonated and entertained so many people was an absolute privilege.

To watch the songs, head to

Or, to read more about the project, you might enjoy reading the articles below:

But seriously, folk’ written for The Bristol Magazine’s November issue

Ondervinden Invite you to The Folk Effect’ written interview for Folk Radio, October 23rd

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