Over the last 4 years my work has been published in magazines, newsletters, online blogs, and has appeared on stage across the UK.

I have adapted several classics for both audio and theatre formats including ‘Tess’ which gained support from The Thomas Hardy Society and was due to tour a second time in 2020 in partnership with The Lightship Theatre in Bristol and Cheshire Rural Touring. My adaptation of Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’ is an audiobook created by commission for a village in Wiltshire, and is devised around a walk of the local area as an event that can occur at any time, and for the solo individual – responding to the needs and restrictions of COVID.

For my company Ondervinden‘s latest ACE funded project ‘The Folk Effect’ I wrote an article for The Bristol Magazine and a written interview for Folk Radio, the links can be found here:

But seriously, folk’ for The Bristol Magazine

‘Interview with Elske Waite’ for Folk Radio